Q. Will you send me pictures of your face if I ask??

A. Gentlemen I do not send out pictures of any nature. I have given this a lot of thought. I have decided to advertise in a way that will give me a chance of a personal life outside the hobby and to not break the heart of my family if they were to find out of my involvement in the hobby.

Q. Is screening really necessary?

A. In order for our date to be every bit as incredible as expected, it is imperative that I feel comfortable and safe with new friends. In order to do this, I must screen all new friends prior to any reservation. Screening is painless and personally processed by myself only. Discretion is always assured.

Making the effort to properly secure your date demonstrates your level of interest as well as your intellectual aptitude.

ALL NEW FRIEND RESERVATIONS SHOULD BE SCHEDULED THROUGH MY ON LINE BOOKING FORM. My form is secure and encrypted. For your security, all data is permanently erased after 7 days of submission.

I NO LONGER ACCEPT REFERENCES. I will  accept a third party site such as P411 or RS2K either as they do give me the comfort I am looking for to spend time alone with you.

I DO NOT notify your employer. I only call and ask to speak to you on a verifyed number to your company. I simply make sure you are who you say you are and that you do not have a violent or sexually based criminal history. I am not able to verify your identity simply using social media, and no, I will not google you, so please do not ask. If you are uncomfortable with my screening requirements, please seek out a model with far lower standards. Please do not confuse discretion for anonymity.

Q. When and where can we meet?

A. I regret that short notice reservations are almost never possible. I do require ample time to conduct screening. Sometimes this can be accomplished very quickly, and other times not, depending upon my schedule. Ideally, this is completed within 24 hours when on tour as I do not have an assistant to handle things when I am in my appointments.

For local reservations, please be mindful of screening time and my drive into Houston which takes time even when traffic is good. Same day is possible with proper notice. I schedule my 1hrs  near 45 south & beltway. My longer reservations are schedule in the Medical Center and  in a very sexy Jacuzzi suite with all the pampering you can handle. I am available for out calls anywhere in the Houston area.

Q. What is the best way to contact you?

A. Please review this website in its entirety prior to contacting me, as anything you need to know is here. The only way to schedule is through my ONLINE BOOKING FORM. I will only communicate via email and text  initially . I will not discuss date details via phone, email, or text at any time. For very obvious reasons gentlemen let me remind us you are legally scheduling my time only darling. Wink Wink

Q. What are your personal boundries?

A. It can be said that a memorable model cannot be defined by a list of distasteful acronyms. I do have personal limitations that should always be respected. I’m confident that you’ll have an amazing time with me!

I am known for my very open-minded attitude.

DO NOT treat me like a blow up doll. If you cannot handle having an intelligent conversation without groping me then I’m not the private model for you. Allow enough time to get acquainted appropriately. All dates of 3+ hours must include drinks in our private room. We can discuss who will bring what to drink darling. All dates of 4+ hours must include lunch or dinner as I will provide the appi-teaser and the dessert. Giggle Giggle Wiggle Wiggle 

Q. How much time should I reserve?

A. I am very much into building unique relationships, therefore, I have no desire to see someone just one time. I’d like to establish a genuine connection with one another to make the in person experiences better and better with each indulgence, even when repeat visits may be less frequent. I do not offer limited experiences, therefore please allow the appropriate time to get well acquainted, otherwise it can feel rushed, which often ends up disappointing for us both, and more times than not, more time is desired, which I cannot always accommodate. 

My time is paid time, therefore any time spent together is a part of our adventure. I know that we will have an amazing time together. I am not a clock watcher, but please be mindful of the time limit that you selected for our date. I genuinely enjoy time spent with my lovelies, but it can get awkward if you over stay, and often times I have other commitments to attend to. In the event you’d like more time, and I’m able to accommodate the request, please immediately add the additional gift to the envelope.

Q. Do you have reviews?

A. I have a strict NO REVIEWS policy. I do not wish for my private relationships to be available for public fodder. I have had reviews in the past (all extremely favorable), and would be pleased to share them with you upon request.

When I was rated, over the course of four years, I consistently was on the top #10 list of companions in Houston,Tx rated companion (with a 9-8 avg.). However, I prefer to no longer have reviews posted due to the changes the hobby is going through with the new laws. I have lost my comfort level in having everything in detail posted. I now feel this is the time for  our secret encounter to remain a secret. 

Also, I kindly ask that you NOT upload my info to sites that allow members to add content. If I wanted to be on a site, I will put myself on there. Thank you!

Q. Will you wear a specific outfit for me?

A. When I travel I try to pack as light as possible with all the weight restrictions now place on our luggage. Therefore it is impossible for me to pack trying to predict the request I may get. So no darling I do not accept outfit request. I do promise I will be in something very sexy and do like dressing up for our time together. 

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. No i do not accept credit cards. I accept and is a site you may use your credit card . The payment must be done 5 to 6 days in advance with Gift Rocket. It does take that long to reach my account. This is a good way to pay deposits on our longer reservations of 3 hours or longer.  

Q. Do you have any limitations on the type of men you schedule with?

A. I respectfully decline to schedule with African American men. I feel like I would not be able to give you the very best of myself!! I know your money is hard earned and respect that it should be spent on the most memorable of moments!

Q. Will you provide a reference to another lady for me?

A. I am happy to provide references to other ladies on your behalf after a successful interlude, however, please make sure we’ve met within the last 6 months, as much can change beyond that. Please ask the lady to email me with her request, as I do not share my number with anyone aside from verified friends.  

Q. Why do you require a deposit?

A. Gentelmen due to my limited schedule now that I am semi retired I now require a deposit of $100 to confirm our time together. This is nonrefundable if you cancel for any reason.

Q. How do I send a deposit?

A. Download on your phone the set up is very simple. You will use cash tag $success4us to send your deposit. Once deposit is sent I will post that time as booked on my calendar.